Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes have begun to become famous. They are battery-operated cigarettes that deliver doses of vaporized nicotine or even non-nicotine solutions. They give the user a sensation that resembles what one gets when they smoke tobacco, but without smoke. Some people use these cigarettes to help them reduce their tobacco intake.

Whatever their reasons, as an e-cigarette franchise, your job is to make sure that they get what they need. One can easily be confused by the language used to refer to these cigarettes, so this article breaks down the types of e-cigarettes that you can stock in your business. They include:

Disposable Cigarettes

These e-cigarettes look like regular tobacco cigarettes, but they have a LED at the end that glows. They are usually sold independently, or as a business, you can sell them in packages. Sometimes they come with cartridges that you sell on the side. These e-cigarettes are rechargeable, or one can just change the round. The only downside to these e-cigarettes is that they have a short battery life. This means that vapor production stops when there is no more charge. Fortunately, disposable e-cigarettes come in small sizes, so one can buy and carry them in bulk.

Refillable Cigarettes

Many people who go for this type of e-cigarette choose it because it has access to the e-liquid. As a business person, therefore, you may also need to consider stocking the liquids to supply to your customers if they need to refill. These cigarettes have a long battery life and often come with disposable cartridges. Be sure to stock them in the variety of flavors available on the market. You may also want to consider offering refillable kits that will give a benefit to the buyer and increase your sales. That way, the user will be able to manage to charge between refilling periods.

Advanced Cigarettes

Vape juice

These e-cigarettes are designed to give the user maximum performance. One can adjust power in the smoke to get the amounts of vapor that they desire. The cigarettes also have other features like one for measuring resistance. This feature is helpful when one wants to increase the amount of vapor by increasing power. If you serve beginners, you can create a community by offering a program that serves them disposable cigarettes and works them up to advanced cigarettes as they learn more.

As a business, you want to make profits without compromising the kind of service and product you deliver to your clients. When it comes to vaping, be sure to establish connections. Seek to speak with your clients so that you can understand their needs first. When you know the amount of nicotine they need, you can recommend the e-liquid to use and the type of cigarette based on their level. You can also work on providing different kits that clients can try. Be sure to open channels so that they can give you feedback. Remember that in any business, a happy client will always come back. That means more profits for you.

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