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Career Moves You Should Consider in Your 20s

Your 20s can be a tumultuous time. Between finishing college, starting your career, and wanting to go on adventures, sometimes fly by so fast that you are hitting close to your 30s — not that being in your 30s is a bad thing. As Uncle Ben in the movie Spider-Man aptly said, “With great power comes great

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How Body Language Can Help You Hire the Best Candidates

How do you feel about a first date wherein your date keeps on glancing on his/her watch? How about a date who slouches on the seat when you talk? These are non-verbal cues that your date is uninterested. It can put you off in your mood. It also ruins the night for both of you.

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Three Ways to Nurture Friendship and Enhance Your Life

Good friends are not only essential to enjoying life but also to finding success. As Jim Rohn is famously quoted, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. We all know that friends are invaluable, but often, in today’s world, our social interactions can settle into the superficial and

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Three Ways to Delegate Successfully in Your Personal Life

Our lives often seem to get busier by the day. Even as we cross off an item on our to-do lists, two new tasks come up to replace it. When you are constantly overwhelmed with various responsibilities and work, each of them competing for your time and attention, delegating them becomes essential to successfully managing

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Noise Reduction Remedies for Busy Offices

Whether it’s a meeting, calling a client, workplace small talk, or work-related discussions, noise is a regular (and unavoidable) part of any office. While noise could be equated to a busy (and well-functioning) office, too much noise can negatively impact everyone in the office, and the office’s operations as a whole. Loud and disruptive noises

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What Should You Do When You Meet Your Childhood Hero?

Each one of us has our own childhood hero or idol. At first, it is usually our parents or older relatives whom we consider the heroes of our childhood. But over time, as we explore the world and meet many other interesting and inspiring people, we find our new idols. They take the shape of

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Organizing Your Home Office: How to Maximize Your Desk Space

A clean and uncluttered workspace is extremely vital, especially if you spend most of your time doing work at home. But creating a workspace that will make you more productive isn’t as easy as it sounds. If this resonates with you, you might be looking at ergonomic chairs or industrial desks for sale. But before

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