November 23, 2018

What Are Vocational Courses and Programs?

If you’re a graduating high school student or a high school or college graduate who wants to seek further certification for a specific skill, you might want to consider taking a vocational course or class. These vocational courses and classes are available in various career fields, such as – but not limited to – medicine,

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Forget Law School: The US Job Market is Oversaturated with Lawyers

In 2017, Whittier Law School closed its doors permanently, shocking law students and faculty members as the first accredited law school to shut down. And with fewer law graduates, fewer jobs, and more automated legal services, its closing serves as a warning to present law students and those who want to enter law school: the

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How to Answer These Difficult Interview Questions

I work as a guidance counselor in a private high school and we have this annual event for senior high school students called “Career Week.” Basically, we get speakers from various career paths to talk about their job, universities and colleges to hold fairs, and have one day where the seniors come to class in

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Career Spotlight: How to Become a Flight Attendant

For today’s career spotlight, I’ve interviewed Lisa Owen-Jones, a 23-year old flight attendant from Boston. Originally one of my high school students six years ago, Lisa has since gone on to work for one of America’s most popular airlines. While Lisa’s stories show the fun side of traveling for work – the free flights, going

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