Restaurant staff posing

Building a Restaurant Team: What to Consider

ByJake MichaelsMay 26, 2023

Building a successful restaurant team is essential for success in the hospitality industry. Professionalism, attentiveness, communication skills, and friendliness are key considerations when hiring staff. A unified look through uniforms helps customers quickly identify team members and their roles. Keeping staff engaged is essential for better communication and collaboration to provide superior customer service. Offering…

a real estate agent showing the selling property to clients

Real Estate Selling: How to Sell High-End Condos Fast

ByJake MichaelsMay 26, 2023

Highlight the property’s best features to attract potential buyers and create a virtual tour. Utilize social media advertising to target potential buyers with special incentives. Partner with real estate agents to access their extensive network of contacts. Host exclusive events and utilize professional staging services to showcase the condo’s best features in an inviting space.…

businessman shows modern technology

Career Options: Tech Jobs that Offer Stability

ByFrankie FeestMay 24, 2023

Database administrators manage data storage for various businesses with an average salary of $93,000. Cybersecurity professionals protect companies from potential cyber threats at an average salary of $98,000. Network and computer systems administrators manage complex computer systems for around $83,000 annually. Software developers are responsible for the creation of functional applications with a salary range…

restaurant crew smiling

The Real Cost of Starting Up a Business: Understanding the Investments Required

ByJake MichaelsMay 23, 2023

750,000 business registrations in 2021-2022, an increase of 70,000 from the previous year. Starting a business can cost $30,000-$40,000, including legal fees and business registration. Real estate costs, labour costs, and marketing costs also need to be considered. Exchange capital for equity can help secure funds without borrowing money. Use inexpensive resources and explore bartering…

businessman holding work safety sign

5 Workplace Hazards That are Often Overlooked

ByJake MichaelsMay 19, 2023

Poor air quality, repetitive motion injuries, slippery floors, workplace violence, and noise are common workplace hazards. Employers should proactively ensure a safe environment by providing adequate training. They should also create an open-door policy to allow employees to report any safety concerns and conduct regular safety drills. Taking the necessary steps will help prevent serious…

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